Author Instructions

JSARA is formatted for publication using the emulateapj package. We've modified the .sty file to give JSARA headers, and call it jsara.cls. Here is the AASTeX sample file that authors may wish to start with, here modified to call in jsara.cls and other smaller changes.

Figures should be submitted in encapsulated postscript, and should be suitable for publication. Do not include titles on figures. The Astrophysical Journal Instructions to Authors does a nice job of describing how to prepare effective manuscripts and plots, and we recommend authors read those instructions before beginning to prepare their manuscripts and plots. If unsure if your plots are suitable for publication, authors are encouraged to email


The Astrophysical Journal Instructions to Authors applies for JSARA, so we simply link to that source.

PyPlot is a good, free system for preparing publication quality plots.

  • (simple Python code to read file test.dat, make plot fig1.png)
  • test.dat (data file - 2 column ASCII data)
  • fig1.png (figure created with above files)
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